ECA membership is informative, productive, and promoting of a common focus for energy communities across the DOE complex.  Membership offers the unique opportunity to engage in direct communication with high-level DOE officials and Members of Congress on environmental cleanup of the DOE weapons complex, the storage and disposal of nuclear waste, nuclear energy and advanced reactor development, local economic diversification, and a host of other issues. 

ECA membership is exclusive to local governments or community organizations adjacent to or impacted by DOE activities.  Membership includes:

  • Representation of the ECA Board of Directors;

  • A voice in Washington, D.c. for your community's unique concerns;

  • Opportunities to participate in meetings with high-level DOE and Congressional members and staff to discuss issues impacting your communities;

  • Opportunities to learn from and share information with local governments and other organizations contending with the same issues across the country;

  • Registration discounts, and when available, financial assistance for costs associated with ECA-sponsored conferences and meetings;

  • Regular and, as requested, analysis on issues impacting local governments; and

  • Subscriptions to the ECA Bulletin and regular news updates.

If you would like to become a member of ECA, please contact ECA Program Manager Megan Casper at